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Waterkon Installations (Pty) Ltd was established in 2008 with the view to enter a specialised market of installing Hydro Mechanical Equipment on large dams. The business has slowly developed into not only installing the aforesaid but also specialising in pipelines, borehole installations and corrosion protection to name but a few.

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Waterkon Drone Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle


• Installation of pipe work ranging
from 150NB to 3000NB.

• Welding of pipe sections –
horizontal and vertical.

• Welding of various materials,
such as, stainless steel, 3CR12 and mild steel.

Pipe Lines – Steel

• Installation of pipe lines up to 1000NB
– Place, align, tack and weld.

• Corrosion repairs of welded areas
– Blast clean, paint & wrap.

• Installation of fittings,
valves and flow meters.

• Manufacturing of steel pipe fittings & pipe sections.

Pipe Lines - HDPE

• Installation of HDPE pipe lines from
25 mm up to 710 mm by means of butt welding.

• Installation of associated
HDPE and steel pipe fittings.

• Hydro pressure testing of
HDPE pipe lines.

How We Do It

Quality equipment

  • The equipment that we use for the execution of projects conform to high quality standards and specifications.
  • Our own welding procedure conform to ASME IX standards.
  • It is customary for all our welds to be 100% X-Ray tested.
  • Over the years, Waterkon has developed a set of Quality Control Documents for installation, corrosion protection and welding of pipe work. These are applicable for both HDPE and steel pipes.


“We believe in transfer of skills through employment of local labour”

  • We pride ourselves on the successful transfer of skills in previous projects such as the Belfast implementation project and the Neckarthal dam project in Namibia.
  • Residents in the local communities gained valuable experience and skills which enabled them to find other employment after the project was completed. Some individuals became permanent members of the Waterkon team.


Ingula PSS – Bramhoek Dam

Installation and commissioning of all Hydro Mechanical equipment

Ingula PSS – Bedford Dam

Installation and commissioning of all Hydro Mechanical equipment.

Spring Grove Dam

Installation and commissioning of all Hydro Mechanical equipment


Installation and commissioning of all Hydro Mechanical equipment


Supply, installation and commissioning of all Hydro Mechanical equipment including a pipe bridge (84 meter long X 12 meter high)

Neckartal Pump Station

Installation and commissioning of all Hydro Mechanical equipment


Majuba Power Station

Installation of 250mm and 450mm HDPE pipe lines, manufacture and installation of 500NB steel pipes and gate valves, and Hydro pressure testing of the pipe lines.


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